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Kapitalizacja rynkowa: zł10 521,13B
Łączny obrót (24h): zł168,44B

Constellation is a Horizontally Scalable Blockchain with mobile support. By "Horizontal Scalable", is mentioned that Network capacity is proportional to the user adoption, which concedes the network the strength to have more and more users in a medium to far future. Constellation will work with its own smart contacts to support blockchain's microservices. In addition, the platform uses reputation-based incentives in order to remove the costs from transactions fees.

The DAG token is still under development and it will be released first as an ERC20 cryptocurrency, with the further objective to migrate to its own mainnet and become the Constellation native token.

Udział rynkowy 0,03%
Rodzaj dowodu wykonanej pracy
Dzisiejsza cena otwarcia 0,80 zł
Dzisiejsza najniższa cena 0,79 zł
Dzisiejsza najwyższa cena 0,82 zł
Cena w BTC 0.00000341755137 BTC
Monet w obiegu 3 712 000 000 DAG
Łączna ilość monet 4 000 000 000 DAG
Kapitalizacja 3 030 540 651 zł
Obrót (24h) - kryptowaluta 0 DAG
Obrót (24h) - waluta FIAT 0 zł
Ostatnia aktualizacja 2021-12-01 15:36:39 +00:00 GMT
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Data Cena Wolumen

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