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Permian Permian star

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PermianChain tokenizes Oil to support Permian Token (XPR) related assets and operations. PermianChain will be used by upstream companies to fund their oil campaigns and by midstream companies to secure proven reserves via blockchain. XPR enables digital transfer of underlying assets value in the form of the digitized value of oil. Thus, allowing the utilization of XPR's substantial physical & proven reserves as a means to facilitate commercial and consumer transactions around the world. As a reserve-based digital currency, XPR will become a critical instrument for the preservation of wealth and an ever-expanding range of commercial and consumer activities using blockchain for a digitized store of value. We now have a chance to break out from the traditional way we have done things in the oilfield and redesign the model for the future. This is a direct equity offering and may only be provided to Professional Clients as defined in Section 2.4 of the ADGM Conduct of Business (COBS) Module.

Udział rynkowy 0,05%
Rodzaj dowodu wykonanej pracy
Dzisiejsza cena otwarcia 0,06
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Dzisiejsza najwyższa cena 0,07
Cena w BTC 0.00000182942199 BTC
Monet w obiegu 10 000 000 000 XPR
Łączna ilość monet 10 000 000 000 XPR
Kapitalizacja 651 969 743
Obrót (24h) - kryptowaluta 12 363 904 XPR
Obrót (24h) - waluta FIAT 806 089
Ostatnia aktualizacja 2020-07-04 04:41:01 +01:00 BST
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